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Arthur Robison

1883 - 1935

The director and screenwriter Arthur Robison first finished an eduaction in medicine before he dedicated to the theater where he began as a stage actor in Germany and Switzerland.

He joined the film business in the middle of the 10s and he wrote the screenplay "Die Frau mit den zwei Seelen" (16). For his next movie "Nächte des Grauens" (16) he was not only responsible as a screenwriter but he was also the director of it.

It followed a longer interruption before he continued his film career in the 20s. He shot well-known movies, among them "Zwischen Abend und Morgen" (23), "Schatten" (23), "Pietro der Korsar" (25), "Manon Lescaut" (26), "Der letzte Walzer" (27) und "Die Todesschleife" (28). For all these movies he also wrote the screenplay.

Afterwards Arthur Robison was engaged as a director for several international productions. To these works belong the English production "The Informer" (29) and the French versions of US movies like "Soyons gais" (30), "Mordprozess Mary Dugan" (31), "Jenny Lind" (31) and "Quand on est belle" (32).

Finally Arthur Robison returned to Europe where he directed the movies "Des jungen Dessauers grosse Liebe" (33), "Fürst Woronzeff" (34) and "Der Student von Prag" (35) with Conrad Veidt.

Other movies from Arthur Robison(Director):
Le père célibataire (31) Tambour battant (33) Mach' mich glücklich (35) Les époux célibataires (35)

Fürst Woronzeff (35) Mach' mich glücklich (35) Les époux célibataires (35) Der Student von Prag (35)