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Rudolf Rittner

Gemälde: Lovis Corinth (1858-1925)

1869 - 1943

The actor Rudolf Rittner already began to study music in Vienna at the age of 12 before he decided six years later to become an actor.

He joined an acting school and afterwards he got his first engagement at the Residenztheater in Berlin. It followed engagements in Cologne and Hamburg before he returned to Berlin again.

Rudof Rittner became a celebrated stage actor at the beginning of the 20th century. But he surprised the world of the theater when he retired from the acting in 1907. He returned to his private life and worked on his barnyard.

It lasted till 1922 before they were able to convince Rudolf Rittner to return as an actor. But this time he did not act on stages but in movies.
He had his first appearance in front of the camera in "Der Graf von Charolais" (22), in the next years followed other movies like "Ein Glas Wasser" (23), Fritz Lang's "Die Nibelungen" (24), "Zur Chronik von Grieshuus" (25) and "Der Meister von Nürnberg" (27).

In 1930 he acted in his only sound film "Väter und Söhne" (30).

Afterwards he finished his acting career for good. When he died 13 years later the audience has forgotten him mostly and he was commemorated by appreciations in newspapers after his death.

Besides his activity as an actor Rudolf Rittner was also involved in writing the screenplay for the movie "Der Meister von Nürnberg" (27). He also wrote two plays with "Wiederfinden" (01) and "Narrenglanz" (06).

Other movies with Rudolf Rittner:
Der Wilderer (25) Der Mann im Feuer (26) Der fröhliche Weinberg (27)