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Karl Ritter

Foto: Michael Ritter

1888 - 1977

The director, producer and writer Karl Ritter grew up in an artistic environment. His mother was an opera singer, his father a professor at the conservatory.

When Karl Ritter finished his education he joined the Bavarian army. There he became an ethusiast for flying and he got first flying hours. Because he got married at this time and the Bavarian announced a new role shortly afterwards that married men are no longer allowed to fly Karl Ritter had to remain at his origin troop.
Privately he indulged his passion furthermore.

When the war finished he looked for a new goal and he first studied architecture before he turned to the painting and art design.
Afterwards he was engaged as an illustrator for the magazine "Der Orchideengarten".
He came in touch with the film business as a commercial illustrator and only few years later he already wrote his first screenplays for movies like "Das Spreewaldmädel" (28), "Kehre zurück! Alles vergeben!" (29) and "Fräulein Lausbub" (30).

Karl Ritter took over the responsibility of a producer from 1933, among them for the productions "Hitlerjunge Quex" (33), "Die Insel" (34), "Liebe, Tod und Teufel" (34), "Ehestreik" (35), "Patrioten" (37), "Capriccio" (38), "Bal paré" (40), "Stukas" (41), "Besatzung Dora" (43) and "Sommernächte" (44).

Moreover he also directed numerous movies, often he also wrote the screenplay for them. To his work as a director belong "Weiberregiment" (36), "Patrionten" (37), "Urlaub auf Ehrenwort" (38), "Capriccio" (38), "Legion Condor" (39), "Bal paré" (40), "Stukas" (41), "G.P.U." (42), "Besatzung Dora" (43) and "Sommernächte" (44).
As an early member of the NSDAP since 1925) he also shot several propaganda movies.

Before the end of World War II, when all available persons were sent to the war, Karl Ritter came to the air force. He was captured by the Russians but was able to escape.
After the war he was no longer able to work for the film because he was regarded as a follower of the National Socialism. Therefore he went to Argentina where he realised the movie "El paraiso" (53) as a director and screenwriter. But the movie was no success.

He returned to Germany in the same years where he realised his last movies as a director with "Staatsanwältin Corda" (53) and "Ball der Nationen" (54).
When it became apparent that his film career came to a in Germany too he went back to Argentina where he spent the rest of his life. 

Other movies from Karl Ritter (Producer):
Liebe muss verstanden sein (33) Rivalen der Luft (34) Freut Euch des Lebens (34) Lockvogel (34) Die törichte Jungfrau (35) Königswalzer (35) Die letzten Vier von Santa Cruz (36) Weiberregiment (36) Unternehmen Michael (37) Urlaub auf Ehrenwort (38) Pour le Mérite (38) Die Hochzeitsreise (39) Im Kampf gegen den Weltfeind: Deutsche Freiwillige in Spanien (39) Kadetten (39) Legion Condor (39) Über alles in der Welt (41) G.P.U. (42) Liebesbriefe (44) Kamerad Hedwig (45) Das Leben geht weiter (45) Erzieherin gesucht (50)

Im Photoatelier (33) Verräter (36) Unternehmen Michael (37) Pour le Mérite (38) Die Hochzeitsreise (39) Im Kampf gegen den Weltfeind: Deutsche Freiwillige in Spanien (39) Kadetten (39) Über alles in der Welt (41)

Unternehmen Michael (37) Pour le Mérite (38) Die Hochzeitsreise (39) Kadetten (39) Legion Condor (39) Bal paré (40) Über alles in der Welt (41) Stukas (41) G.P.U. (42) Besatzung Dora (43) Das Leben geht weiter (45) Staatsanwälten Corda (53) Ball der Nationen (54)

Production Manager:
Der Zinker (31) Melodie der Liebe (32) Die verkaufte Braut (32) Muss man sich gleich scheiden lassen (33) Vers l'abîme (34) Über alles in der Welt (41)