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Arnold Risch

1890 - 1979

The actor Arnold Risch was only sporadically active in the film business.

At the beginning of the 20s he impersonated roles in silent movies like "Ebbe und Flut" (21) with Arthur Bergen, Fred Immler, Margarete Lanner and Sybil Morell, "Aus der Jugendzeit" (21) at the side of Lotte Gayen and Friedrich Siems as well as a naval officer "Mabel und ihre Freier" (22) with Eva Christa, Emil von Dollen and Vera Nordegg.

Afterwards he concentrated to the theater again, only after the end of World War II he appeared in front of the camera again in few more movies.

To these productions belong "Film ohne Titel" (48) directed Rudolf Jugert. In this movies he played a policeman at the side of Hans Söhnker, Hildegard Knef, Irene von Meyendorff, Erich Ponto, Carsta Löck, Willy Fritsch, Fritz Odemar and Margarete Haagen. It followed "Derby" (49) with Hannelore Schroth, Willy Fritsch, Heinz Engelmann, Albert Florath, Carsta Löck and Joseph Offenbach and again as a policeman "Hafenmelodie" (50) with Kirsten Heiberg, Paul Henckels, Heinz Engelmann, Wolfgang Lukschy, Josef Sieber, Joseph Offenbach and Erwin Geschonneck.