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Käthe Richter

1893 - ?

The actress Käthe Richter began her career at the theater where she was active in Berlin and Dresden among other cities.
She met the famous painter Oskar Kokoschka in 1917 and she became his muse and one of his preferred models. So Kokoschka created many paintings of Käthe Richter.
Käthe Richter went to Berlin in 1918 where she got an engagement at the Königliches Schauspielhaus.
She entered the film business already in 1916 with the movies "Entehrt" (16) and "Das Opfer einer Ärztin" (16).
Other silent movies followed with "Tausendundeine Frau" (19), "Frauen, die der Abgrund verschlingt" (18), "Das Glück der Irren" (19), "Heddas Rache" (19) and "Das Recht der freien Liebe" (19).
Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being with "Verlogene Moral" (21), "Memoiren eines Kammerdieners, 1. Teil: Martin, der Findling" (21), "Die Ratten" (21) and "Neuland" (24).
About her death exist different informations. On the one hand her year of death is mentioned in 1969, on the other hand she should have been during World War II.