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Gustav Rickelt

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1862 - 1946

The actor Gustav Rickelt first started a commercial training but he soon decided to become an actor and stopped his training.
He made first stage experiences from 1882 and he acted in cities like Hanau, Heidelberg and Posen. Later followed engagements in bigger cities like Budapest, Berlin and Munich.

Gustav Rickelt went to the USA in 1891 where he appeared at the Thalia Theater in New York. Tours led him through the USA and he was not only busy as an actor but also directed numerous plays.

He retruned to Germany four years later and he appeared on different stages in Berlin for many years.

He entered the film business in 1923 with "Erdgeist" (23) and in the next years he impersonated roles in other silent movies like "Die Wiskottens" (26), "Sensations-Prozess" (28), "Lemkes sel. Witwe" (28), "Bobby, der Benzinjunge" (29) and "Narkose" (29).

His last cinematical works came in the sound film era of the 30s into being. He impersonated support roles in the productions "Das alte Lied" (30), "Das Schicksal der Renate Langen" (31), "An heiligen Wassern" (32) and "Onkel Bräsig" (36).

Besides his activity as an actor Gustav Rickelt spoke up for the right of the actors and actresses in general. He was the president of the association of German stage members. With the implementation of the "Künstlerkolonie Berlin" they also ensured favorable living space for artists.
Moreover he also wrote several plays as a writer.

His son Martin Rickelt became an actor too.

Other movies with Gustav Rickelt:
Wochenendzauber (27) Die seltsame Nacht der Helga Wangen (28) That Murder in Berlin (29) Grossstadtjugend (29) Flachsmann als Erzieher (30) Väter und Söhne (30) Täter gesucht (31) Ein süsses Geheimnis (32)