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Adele Reuter-Eichberg

Lichtbild aus "Die Gezeichneten" (1922)

1852 - 1928

The actress Adele Reuter-Eichberg was born as Marie Jacobine Amalie Eichberg in Darmstadt. She took part in several movies at the beginning of the 10's like "Die Jagd nach der Hundertpfundnote oder Die Reise um die Welt" (13), "Das Teufelsloch" (13), "Die Suffragette" (13) and "Das Geschenk des Inders" (14).

But her most famous works of this time were certainly her movies with the director Urban Gad with the legendary actor Asta Nielsen in the leading role.
Among them were "Engelein" (14), where she played the role of Meta Schiebstaedt, "Zapatas Bande" (14) and as mother Schulze "Vordertreppe - Hintertreppe" (15).

After a longer interruption she continued her film career from 1922 with sporadic film appearances.
To her last movies belong "Die Gezeichneten" (22) directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer with Wladimir Gaidarow, Hugo Döblin and Elisabeth Pinajeff, Karl Grune's "Schlagende Wetter" (23) with Liane Haid, Carl de Vogt and Fritz Kampers as well as "Rosenmontag" (24) directed by Rudolf Meinert with Helga Thomas, Charles Willy Kayser, Gerd Briese and Maria Reisenhofer.