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Iwa Raffay

1881 - ?

The director and screenwriter Iwa Raffay was born as Johanna Franzisca Lothka in Prague.

After a study for literature, art and cultural studies she began a career as a stage actress. She learnt her acting abilities in Munich and Berlin and she also took acting lessons by the famous actor Eduard von Winterstein.

In the next years she got engagements in Berlin, Darmstadt and Düsseldorf.

But finally she turned away from acting and began to work as an author.

She already joined the film business in 1913 when she wrote the screenplay for the filming of her book of the same name "Die Berliner Range" (13).

During World War I she indeed returned to the theater as an acress but from 1918 she concentrated to her film career.
She realised several movies as a director and screenwriter and she founded her own production company "Iwa Raffay-Film-Gesellschaft".

To her movies of the 10s as a director belong "Weine nicht, Mutter" (18), "Unter fremden Willen" (18), "Tausendundeine Frau" (18), "Nur ein Schmetterling" (18), "Lejah" (18) and "Die Augen von Jade" (19).

Her last movies as a director came in 1920 into being with "Das blinde Glück" (20) and "Der Hirt von Maria Schnee" (20).

For most of her movies she also wrote the screenplay and after her career as a movie director she continued her activity as a screenwriter.
She wrote the scripts for the silent movie "Der Fahnenträger von Sedan" (27) as well as for the sound movies "Panik beim Maskenball" (37), "Die beiden Schwestern" (43) and "Die schwarze Robe" (44).

Besides her activity for the film she also used her writing abilities for the radio and publications and she wrote books like "Die beiden Schwestern".

Iwa Raffay was among others married with the actor Karl Falkenberg who also took part in some of her movies.

Other movies from Iwa Raffay (Writer):
Wundersam ist das Märchen der Liebe (18) Unter fremden Willen (18) Tausendundeine Frau (18) Nur ein Schmetterling (18) Lejah (18) Die Augen von Jade (19) Das blinde Glück (20) Der Hirt von Maria Schnee (20)

Lejah (18)

Lejah (18) Tausendundeine Frau (18)