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Willi Puhlmann

1934 - 1996

The actor Willi Puhlmann was born as Richard Georg Willi Puhlmann in Berlin. He became a popular child actor in the 40s and he impersonated roles in the movies "Fronttheater" (42), "Liebesgeschichten" (43), the title role in "Der kleine Muck" (44), "Der grüne Salon" (44) and "Der Scheiterhaufen" (45).

Willi Puhlmann only took part in two movies after the war - "Figaros Hochzeit" (49) and "Pole Poppenspäler" (54).

Because Willi Puhlmann didn't see his future in the film business he studied graphic and art history at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Berlin from 1951.
He got engagements as a styler for different magazine, among them also the "Vogue" and he used the name Rico Puhlmann since then.
Besides his drawings he also took fashion pictures for numerous magazines and he also portrayed famous actors and singers - works which made him a demanded photographer.

As a fashion photographer he went to New York in 1970 where he was able to continue his career successfully. Only two years later he got the award  "Society of Publication Designers" for his photographs.

Finally Rico Puhlmann also became a fashion designer and he presented his designs unter the label "Rico Puhlmann Design", but his main activity remained the occupation of a fashion photographer. To his clients also belonged "L'Oréal", "Estée Lauder", "Calvin Klein" and "Revlon".

When Rico Puhlmann took the flight 800 of the Trans-World Airlines in the direction of Paris it became a journey without return. The tank of the machine exploded and the plane crashed into the Atlantic. All 2300 passengers lost their life. The famous guitarist Marcel Dadi also belonged to the victims. Later their was a rumor that a shooting of a rocket was the reason for the crash.