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Rolf Prasch

1883 - 1960

The actor Rolf Prasch was born as Rudolf Prasch in Berlin.

Because his parents Aloys Prasch and Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg were both stage actors Rolf Prasch got in touch with the world of the theater at a young age. There were other family members who were active as artists. His grandparents were the opera singers Julius Grevenberg and Wilhelmine Grevenberg-Langheinz and his uncle was the stage actor Julius Grevenberg jr.

First he studied law before he took acting lessons. He launched his stage career in Zwickau afterwards. It followed engagements in Zürich, Kassel and Stuttgart where he also became a director.

He became a theater manager in the 30s for different theaters and he also realised numerous plays as a director.

Rolf Prasch joined the film business in 1920 and he impersonated numerous roles in the silent movie era, among them "Masken" (20), "Die Dreizehn aus Stahl" (21), "Die Perle des Orients" (21), "Fridericus Rex" (22), "Der brennende Acker" (22) and "Der schwarze Stern" (22).

It lasted more than 15 years before he continued his film career. To his few talkies belong "Du und ich" (38), "Robert Koch, der Bekämpfer des Todes" (39) and "Carl Peters" (41).

Rolf Prasch continued his activity as a theater manager after World War II, among others in Flensburg and Hamburg.

He remained active at the theater till 1953, afterwards he retired. He only appeared once in front of the camera again after the war for "Unter den Sternen von Capri" (53).

Other movies with Rolf Prasch:
Puppen des Todes (20) Der Schicksalstag (21) Der Totenklaus (21) Die Zigarettengräfin (22) Die Männer der Frau Clarissa (22) Im Zeichen des Vertrauens (38) Rote Orchideen (38) Liebesgeschichten (43)