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Waldemar Pottier

1914 - 2004

The actor Waldemar Pottier was a popular child star in the 20's, who came early in contact with the performance art because his parents were also actors.

At the age of two he already appeared on stage for the first time, two years later followed his first movie. To his first movies belong "Erborgtes Glück" (19), "Ich-bin-Du... (20), "Der Leidensweg der Inge Kraft" (21), "Das Weib des Pharao" (22) and "Die Finsternis und ihr Eigentum" (22).

Grown up to a teenager he continued his career with productions like "Husarenfieber" (25), "Um Recht und Ehre" (25) and finally "Das edle Blut" (27) - which belongs to Waldemar Pottier's personal favorites.

The transition to an adult was difficult as he wasn't able to work as an actor for several years because he wasn't 100 % Aryan, only in 1936 he got a permission to work again. It followed only few small roles in talkies like "Heiratsschwindler" (37) and "Drei Unteroffiziere" (39).

Later he retired from the film business and concentrated to the "bourgeois" life and worked at a chemical industry.

Besides acting Waldemar Pottier was also an enthusiastic dancer and he was on the move as a speaker in the German-speaking Europe till old age. 

Other movies with Waldemar Pottier: 
Grausige Nächte (21) Das Karussell des Lebens (23) Aus der Jugend klingt ein Lied (24) Zwei Kinder (24) 

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