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Edith Posca

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1885 - 1931

The actress Edith Posca was born as Albertine Thieme in Calosza. She launched her artistic career as a singer and she had her first appearance at the operetta theater in Hamburg.

After her marriage with the actor and director Lupu Pick they moved to Berlin. Edith Posca continued her stage career successfully, at the same time she took part in first movies.

Her first movie was "Das Geschäft" (17), it followed the productions "Marionetten der Leidenschaft" (19) and "Kitsch" (19).

Her last appearances in front of the camera came in the 20s into being with movies like "Misericordia - Tötet nicht mehr" (20), "Scherben" (21), "Kinder der Strasse" (21), "Das Haus ohne Lachen" (23) and "Sylvester" (24).

Afterwards she retired from acting step by step.
When her husband Lupu Pick died unexpectedly in 1931 she was not able to cope with this blow of fate and she committed suicide in June of the same year.

Other movies with Edith Posca:
Der verbotene Weg (20) Das Geheimnis der sechs Spielkarten, 1. Teil: Karo 10 (20) Niemand weiss es (20) Das Achtgroschenmädel (21) Grausige Nächte (21) Aus der Erinnerungen eines Frauenarztes (22) Zum Paradies der Damen (22) Stadt in Sicht (23)