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Molly Picon

1898 - 1992

The actress Molly Picon was born as Malka Opiekun in New York City. She began her acting career already as a child at the age of 6 at the yiddish theater.
In the next decades she became a multisided artist for the theater, radio and for the film. 

She started her professional career at vaudeville in 1919 with the play "The Four Seasons" and she soon became a celebrated comedian. 

The film business became soon aware of this lively actress but not in the USA but during a longer stay in Austria. There she made her film debut with "Das Judenmädel" (21) at Ferdinand Bonn's side.
It followed two more silent movies with "Hütet eure Töchter" (22) with Karel Lamac, Anny Ondra and Franz Höbling as well as "Ost und West" (23) with Eugen Neufeld.

After her return to the USA she soon became a very popular stage actress too. 

In the next years she was successful in yiddish plays and movies, beside it there were also American mainstream movies and TV productions.

To her well-known movies belong "Yidl mitn fidl" (36), "Mamele" (38), "The Naked City" (48), an episode of the serial "Dr. Kildare: The Eleventh Commandment" (63), "Come Blow Your Horn" (63), "Fiddler on the Roof" (71), "For Pete's Sake" (74), "Murder on Flight 502" (75) and an episode of the serial "Vega$: Mother Mishkin" (78).

Her last cinematical works came in the 80s into being with "The Cannonball Run" (81), "Cannonball Run II" (84) and an episode of the serial "The Facts of Life: A Death in the Family" (84).

Molly Picon was also called the female Charlie Chaplin (she mimic Chaplin at several occasions) or the yiddish Helen Heyes. In 1962 she was nominated for the Tony Award for her role in the musical "Milk and Honey".
She was married with the actor Jacob Kalich.

Other movies with Molly Picon:
A Little Girl with Big Ideas (34) Let's Make a Night of It (38) Serie "Startime: The Jazz Singer" (59) Serie "Car 54, Where Are You?: I Won't Go" (61) Serie "Car 54, Where Are You?: Occupancy, August 1st" (62) Serie "Car 54, Where Are You?: Joan Crawford Didn't Say No" (63) Serie "Gomer Pyle, U,.S.M.C.: A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt" (68) Serie "My Friend Tony: Molly" (69) Serie "Trapper John, M.D.: If You Can't Stand the Heat" (80) Serie "The Facts of Life: From Russia with Love" (81) Serie "Young People's Specials: Grandma Didn't Wave Back" (84)