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Dita Parlo

Picture Dita Parlo
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1907 - 1971

The actress Dita Parlo was born as Grethe Gerda Kornstadt in Stettin.

She conquered the screen at the end of the 20's with movies like "Geheimnisse des Orients" (28), "Heimkehr" (28), "Die Dame mit der Maske" (28) and "Manolescu - Der König der Hochstapler" (29).

She soon moved self-confident between the German and the French film business. She played successful in "Kismet" (31), "Menschen hinter Gittern" (31), "L'atalante" (34) and "Ultimatum" (38), at the beginning of the 30's she made a short excursion to the USA where she appeared in the movies "Honor of the Family" (31) and "Mr. Broadway" (33).

Dita Parlo appeared only seldom in movies after the war, among others in "Justice est faite" (50) and "La dame de pique" (65). 

Other movies with Dita Parlo:
Ungarische Rhapsodie (28) Melodie des Herzens (29) Au bonheur des dames (30) Die heilige Flamme (31) Tropennächte (31) Tänzerinnen für Süd-Amerika gesucht (31) Wir schalten um auf Hollywood (31) Rapt (33) Mademoiselle Docteur (36) Die grosse Illusion (37) Under Secret Orders (37) L'affaire du courrier de Lyon (38) La signora di Montecarlo (38) La rue sans joie (38) Paix sur le Rhin (38) L'inconnue de Monte Carlo (38) L'or du Cristobal (40)