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Justus Ott

1885 - 1958

The actor and singer Justus Ott was born as Justus Rakemann in Bremerhaven.

After his commercial training, he turned to acting and he made his stage debut in Bremen in 1904. After a brief detour to other venues, he returned to Bremen in 1909, where he established himself as an actor and singer in the coming decades and enjoyed great success at the Schauspielhaus Bremen.

In film he acted for the first time in front of the camera in 1919 for "Die Rache des Bastards" (19) with Lu Synd, Aruth Wartan and Kurt Middendorf, but this was to remain his only appearance in film for many years.

It was not until the 40s that he impersonated smaller roles in other productions, including "A Man of Principle?" (43), the classic "Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7" (44), "Tierarzt Dr. Vlimmen" (44) and "Menschen in Gottes Hand" (48).

In the 50's he made his last cinematical works with "0 Uhr 15, Zimmer 9" (50) and "Sensation in San Remo" (51).

Besides his activity as an actor he was also active as a speaker in radio plays.