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Daisy D'Ora

Foto: Praesens Film AG (P. Gassmann)

1913 - 2010

The actress Daisy D'Ora was a true baroness and was called Daisy, Baroness von Freyberg in reality, but an already impoverished aristocratic family. Because it was judged as improper in her circles in those days to work for the show business, she had got herself a stage name. 

At the end of the 20's she appeared for the first time in some silent movies and she took part in a worldwide success with her small part in "Die Büchse der Pandora" (28).

The famous writer Erich Maria Remarque persuaded her to take part in the beauty contest of Germany. She won and as a result she was sent  to Miami for Miss Universum contest. But the memories of World War I seemed still to be to fresh and as a German it wasn't allowed to select her although the audience voted for her. But the organizer had chosen Miss Belgium.
The famous group "Comedian Harmonists" sang of the beauty of Daisy D'0ra in later years with their song "Hallo, was machst Du heut', Daisy?".

When she got married with the diplomat she followed him to many countries during their marriage.

Daisy d'Ora found an important mission when she founded a children's home in a castle in Regensburg after World War II. After the death of her husband she lived from 1970 in the castle together with the children for the next 30 years.

Other movies with Daisy D'Ora:
Das verschwundene Testament (29) Der Mann, der nicht liebt (29) Es flüstert die Nacht (29) Freiheit in Fesseln (29) Die Halbwüchsigen (29)