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Toni Niessner

Foto: Arthur Benda (D'Ora) (1885-1969)
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1906 - 1986

The actor and singer Toni Niessner began to study musicology but did not finish. Afterwards he studied singing in Prague. 

Soon he got first engagements at the theater in Prague, later followed appearances in Germany and Austria. There he was successful both as an actor and singer, especially with Vienna songs. 

Thank to his popularity he was also engaged for movies. He made his screen debut with "Der gebieterische Ruf" (44) in the role of Franzl Schneider at Rudolf Forster's, Paul Hubschmid's and Maria Holst's side.

He could only continue his film career after the war, among them the motion picture "1. April 2000" (52) and finally the TV productions "Lang, lang ist's her" (62), "Boccaccio" (66), "Kampl" (69), "Zeitvertreib" (69), an episode of the serial "Tatort: Frauenmord" (73), an episode of the serial "Hallo - Hotel Sacher...Portier!: Die Liebe und das Geschäft" (73) and an episode of the serial "Hallo - Hotel Sacher...Portier!: Der Installateur" (74).