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Edmund Nick

1891 - 1974

The filmcomposer Edmund Nick studied law but he was already interested in music at that time. Therefore he also joined the Musikakademie in Vienna and later the conservatory in Dresden.

He began his professional career as a bandmaster in Breslaus, it followed an engagement at the Silesian radio. When he went to Berlin he worked for the cabaret "Die Katakombe".
In Berlin he came in touch with the film business and at the beginning of his film career he wrote numerous compositions for short movies and from 1936 also for several feature movies.
To his film compositions of those years belong "Wie werde ich energisch?" (33), "Zimmer zu vermieten" (35), "Pole Poppenspäler" (35), "Das Hofkonzert" (36), "Die lustigen Vagabunden" (40), "Sechs Tage Heimaturlaub" (41) and "Eine Frau für drei Tage" (44).

Edmund Nick was only seldom active as a movie composer after the war. To his few works for this media belong "Das kleine Hofkonzert" (63), "Die 13 Monate" (70) and "Sexbombe mit Tick" (70).
Therefore he was engaged in other field. Among others he was a professor at the conservator of music in Munich, he was a co-founder of the cabaret "Die Schaubude", he was conductor at the Bavarian state operetta and he was the manager of the department music of the West German radio. In later years he also wrote criticisms for several newspapers.

Edmund Nick was married with the singer Käte Jaenicke.

Other movies from Edmund Nick:
Die verlorene Melodie (33) Dreimal Ehe (35).Der grosse Preis von Europa (35) Grosse Stadt im engen Tal (36) La chanson du souvenir (37) Bayreuth – Eine Stadt einst und jetzt (39) Am Abend auf der Heide (41)