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Francine Mussey

1897 - 1933

The actress Francine Mussey began her film career in France with the silent movie "L'épave" (20).

She became a demanded movie actress in the next years and she appeared in the productions "Un drame sous Napoléon" (21), "Claudia "(23), "Le traquenard" (23), "Le stigmate" (24), "Mon oncle" (25) and "Le berceau de dieu" (26).

From 1925 she also took part in few German movies, among them Manfred Noa's "Der Mann im Sattel" (25) with Wilhelm Diegelmann, Angelo Ferrari, Paul Graetz, Harry Hardt and Heinrich Peer and "Die Frau die nicht nein sagen kann" (27) directed by Fred Sauer at the side of Lee Parry, Gustav Fröhlich, Hans Albers and Hermann Picha.

Afterwards she continued her activity with the French movies "Napoléon" (27) directed by Abel Gance, "Le bonheur du jour" (27) and "Casaque blanche...Toque noire" (27).

Her last cinematical works came in the sound film era of the 30s into being with "La ronde des heures" (31), "La foule hurle" (32) and "L'âne de Buridan" (32).
One year later she committed suicide by poison. She was only 35 years old.

Other movies with Francine Mussey:
La dette de sang (23) La maison du mystère (23) Lucros...Ilicitos (23) La gosseline (23) L'enfant des halles (24) Le chiffonnier de Paris (24) Âme de femme (26) Lady Harrington (26)