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Robert Müller

1879 - 1968

The actor Robert Müller was born into an artistic family. His father Robert Müller was a theater manager.
So the young Robert Müller went the the theater as well and he made his stage debut in Baden-Baden. In the next years followed engagements in Berlin, Nuremburg, Hanover, Breslau, Dresden and Königsberg.
Afterwards he also worked abroad, among others in Switzerland and South America.

Finally he went back to Berlin again where he was successful in many plays.

There he also joined the film business in 1918 when he appeared in his first movie "Kinderträume" (18).
But the theater remained his main activity and therefore Robert Müller only took part in one more silent movie with "Fridericus Rex, 2. Teil: Vater und Sohn" (22).

In the 30s he appeared in the movies "Schleppzug M 17" (33) and "Du sollst nicht begehren..." (33).

As a half Jew the seize of the power by the National Socialists implied the end of his acting career, only after the war he was able to continue his stage career. From 1952 he also played support roles again for feature movies and TV productions.

To his cinematical works after the war belong "Schatten über den Inseln" (52), "Der Froschkönig" (54), "Gericht bei Nacht" (57), "Die Wildente" (61), "König Ödipus" (63), "Der Mann nebenan" (64), "Es" (66) and "Woyzeck" (66).

Because of his striking big nose Robert Müller was also called Nose-Müller.

Other movies with Robert Müller:
Goethe lebt...! (32) Familie (60) Weihnachten auf dem Marktplatz (61) Daphne Laureola (62) Ein Buch mit Kapiteln (62) Der Kammersänger (64) Das Bild des Menschen – Gespräche einer letzten Nacht (64) Leutnant Nant (65) Die Fliegen (66) Die venezianische Tür (66)