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Kurt Müller-Graf

1913 - 2013

the actor Kurt Müller-Graf devoted to the theater in the first place and soon belonged to the most important actors in Karlsruhe.

He began his theater career in 1930 as an extra in Ötigheim, it followed engagements at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, at the Bayrisches Staatsschaupiel, at the Schauspielhaus Zurich and at the Viennese Burgtheater.

His first appearences in movies followed in 1941 and he made his film debut with "Komödianten" (41). His entrances in front of the camera kept seldom, among others he took part in "Der Hochtourist" (42), "Der unendliche Weg" (43) and "Der Täter ist unter uns" (44).
The production "Wo ist Herr Belling?" (45) remained unfinished because of the effect of World War II.

After the war he only took part in sporadic productions, among them "Die Nacht der Zwölf" (49) and "Die Nackte und der Satan" (59).

Kurt Müller-Graf  founded the Schlossfestspiele in Ettlingen in 1979 and was the director during twelve years.

On August 10 2013 he died at the age of 100 only one day after his birthday.

Other movies with Kurt Müller-Graf:
Das Lied der Nachtigall (44) Regimentsmusik (45) Liebe im September (62)