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Ernst Morgan

1902 - 1957

The actor, singer and author Ernst Morgan was born as Ernst Morgenstern in Vienna.

He played at numerous German theaters in the 20s and his engagements led him among others to Hannover and Berlin. Beside it he also appeared in revues and operas.

Ernst Morgan entered the film business in the 20s and to his few silent movies belong "Das süsse Mädel" (26), "Rache für Eddy" (29) and "Es war einmal ein treuer Husar" (29).

At the beginning of the 30s came his last cinematical works in Germany into being with "Der Hampelmann" (30), "Er oder ich" (30), "Der Feldherrnhügel" (32) and "Strich durch die Rechnung" (32).

With the rise of the National Socialists the Jew Ernst Morgan returned to Austria where he concentrated to his stage career again.
There he remained active till 1938 and beside it he also wrote the operetta "Ein Mädel aus Wien" (37).
But when Austria was integrated to the German Reich in 1938 Ernst Morgan feld to Portugal before he went via Greece to Egypt. But he wasn't save there for a long time and he emigrated to Palestine for a short time before he returned to Cairo again.
In Egypt he appeared again in few movies like "Five Pounds" (45).

After the end of World War II he did not return to Europa at the request of his wife and the couple went to the USA in 1947. Ernst Morgan was not able to continue his artistic career there and he earned his living with smaller jobs.

His brother was the famous actor Paul Morgan. In contrast to his brother he remained in Austria in 1938 and he had to pay with his life for this decision. He was murdered in the KZ Buchenwald in the same year. 

Other movies with Ernst Morgan:
Man schenkt sich Rosen, wenn man verliebt ist (30) Die Frau – Die Nachtigall (31) Wer nimmt die Liebe ernst...? (31) Drei von der Stempelstelle (32) Die Wasserteufel von Hieflau (32)