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Leo Monosson

1897 - 1967

The singer and actor Leo Monosson grew up in Russia where he published a volume of poetry in 1918 together with the Imaginist group.

Shortly afterwards he fled from Russia and he came via Warsaw, Paris and Vienna to Berlin. There he was able to gain a foothold as an artist in 1923.
He soon became very popular with hit songs and the female fandom was kissing his feet.

In the course of time he published about 1400 records and he often used different pseudonyms. To his pseudonyms belong among others Leo Frank, Leo Moll, Leo Emm and Leo Frey.

Thank to his huge popularity he got several film engagements at the beginning of the 30s where he often impersonated singers.
To his well-known movies belong "Der Tiger" (30), the classic "Die Drei von der Tankstelle" (30), "Zwei Welten" (30), "Der Greifer" (30), "Eine Nacht im Grandhotel" (31) and "Ich bei Tag und du bei Nacht" (32).

With the rise of the National Socialists the Jew Leo Monosson was no longer able to work in Germany. He first went to France but there he had to flee again in 1941 via Spain to the USA.
There he was not able to continue his artistic career. He earned his living as a stamp dealer.

Other movies with Leo Monosson: 
Ihre Majestšt die Liebe (31) Das Lied vom Leben (31) Der Ball (31) Die Tšnzerin von Sans Souci (32)