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Bertha Monnard

1875 - 1966

The actress Bertha Monnard joined the film business at the end of the 10s.

To her first movies belong "Agnes Arnau und ihre drei Freier" (18) playing the role of Luise von Hermanntitz with Henny Porten, Hermann Thimig and Paul Westermeier, "Entfesselte Leidenschaften" (19), "Irenes Fehltritt" (19) with Sybill Morel, Maria Widal and Max Wogritsch and "Vier Finger" (19).

She concentrated again to the theater in the 20s, only for Curt Goetz's movie "Friedrich Schiller" (23) she returned to the big screen. To her film partners belonged Theodor Loos, Hermann Vallentin, Ilka Grüning and Robert Leffler.

Bertha Monnard made her comeback many years later and she impersonated support roles in the productions "Zwei Welten" (40) directed by Gustaf Gründgens playing the role of mother Schulz with Marianne Simson, Joachim Brennecke, Paul Bildt and Antje Weisgerber, "Stimme des Herzens" (42) with Marianne Hoppe, Ernst von Klipstein, Eugen Klöpfer, Fritz Odemar, Albert Florath and Curd Jürgens, Erich Engel's "Der Biberpelz" (49) as Adele Krüger with Fita Benkhoff, Werner Hinz, Käthe Haack, Friedrich Gnass and Paul Bildt as well as a landlady in "Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor" (50) with Sonja Ziemann, Camilla Spira, Paul Esser and Claus Holm.