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Max Mendsen

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The actor Max Mendsen joined the film business in the middle of the 20s and he impersonated few roles in the next few years.

To his silent movies of the 20s belong "Die vom Niederrhein" (25) with Albert Steinrück, Erna Morena, Ernst Hofmann, Mady Christians, Wilhelm Dieterle, Fritz Kampers and Wilhelm Diegelmann, as Impresario "Der Abenteurer" (26) directed by Rudolf Walther-Fein at the side of Harry Liedtke, Erna Morena, Margarete Schlegel, Paul Biensfeldt, Eduard von Winterstein, Mady Christians and Hans Brausewetter, playing the role of the lad of the general in "Wien, wie es weint und lacht" (26) directed by Rudolf Walther-Fein with Fritz Greiner, Jack Mylong-Münz, Mady Christians, Frida Richard, Hans Brausewetter and Erich Kaiser-Titz and as Stanislaw in Rudolf Walther-Fein's "Das Heiratsnest" (27) with Livio Pavanelli, Harry Liedtke, Wolfgang Zilzer, Julia Serda, Gritta Ley and Iwa Wanja.

It followed a longer interruption before Max Mendsen continued his film career in the sound film era of the 30s.
He took part in Carl Boese's "Theodor Körner" (32) with Willy Domgraf-Fassbaender, Dorothea Wieck, Lissy Arna and Ludwig Trautmann and in the short movie "Wer ist die süsse Kleine?" (32) at the side of Carla Carlsen and Karl Stepanek.