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Rudolf Meinhard-Jünger

1880 - 1942

The actor Rudolf Meinhard-Jünger began his stage career at the beginning of the 20th century and he appeared among others at the Schiller theater in Berlin. Later followed engagements at other theaters in Vienna and Berlin.

In Berlin he joined the film business in 1916 and he appeared in the silent movies "Der Amateur" (16), "Der Saratogakoffer" (17) and "Der Teufel" (18).

He continued his film career in the 20s and he impersonated support roles in the productions "Lady Hamilton" (21), "Lola Montez, die Tänzerin des Königs" (22), "Helena, 1. Teil: Der Raub der Helena" (24), "Der Hahn im Korb" (25), "Die schönsten Beine von Berlin" (26), "Nachtgestalten" (29) and "Asphalt" (29).

His last cinematical works came at the beginning of the sounf film era of the 30s into being. To these works belong "Zwei Welten" (30), Alfred Hitchcock's "Mary" (30), "Kinder des Glücks" (31), "Schatten der Manege" (31) and "Wenn die Liebe Mode macht" (32).

Besides his activity as an actor he also realised few movies as a director with "Heiratsbüro Süsslein" (30) and "Ede & Co." (20).

His career ended with the rise of the National Socialism. As a Jew he was no longer able to work. Finally he was arrested and they deported him to the ghetto in Riga. There he was murdered shortly afterwards.

Other movies with Rudolf Meinhard-Jünger: 
Die sterbenden Perlen (18) Amalie – fünfundvierzig Mark (18) Sie und die Drei (22) In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn? (26) Der Bettler vom Kölner Dom (27) Der Sträflingskavalier (27) Leichte Kavallerie (27) Der unsterbliche Lump (29)