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Lotte Medelsky

Picture Lotte Medelsky

1880 - 1960

The actress Lotte Medelsky got early enthusiastic about the theater and when she got a scholarship it was the beginning of an impressive stage career.

She soon was very successful in plays like "Romeo und Julia" and "Die Räuber", both at Josef Kainz's side.
In the next years followed many engagements, in classical as well as modern plays which underlined her reputation at the theater.

At the age of 19 she was already awarded to a Hofschauspielerin, other distinctions followed with the appointment to a honorary member of the Burgtheater and the award of the I. Cross of Knights of the Austrian medal. Other distinctions followed..

Unfortunately Lotte Medelsky only took part in few movies during her career. Her first movie came already in 1916 into being with "Bogdan Stimoff" (16), but afterwards it lasted nearly twenty years before she appeared in her next movie.
To her few talkies belong "Der Musikant von Eisenstadt" (34), "Viereinhalb Musketiere" (35) and after the war "Dunja" (55).

Lotte Medelsky was married with the actor Eugen Frank. Her daughter Liselotte and her son Hans became also actors.