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Carl Mayer

1894 - 1944

The screenwriter Carl Mayer had a difficult start into the life of an adult. When his father committed suicide after bad speculations Carl Mayer had to support the livelihood of his family with occasional jobs.
Some of these jobs led him to the stage where he first was active as an extra and later also as an actor at small theaters. There he also a dramatic adviser.

Finally Carl Mayer wrote his first screenplay for "Die Frau im Käfig" (19) and shortly afterwards he had a big hit with his screenplay for "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (20) which he wrote together with Hans Janowitz.

In the next years followed numerous other scripts which established him in the German film business.
To these works belong "Johannes Goth" (20), "Der Bucklige und die Tänzerin" (20), "Genuine" (20), "Der Gang in die Nacht" (21), "Schloss Vogelöd" (21), "Danton" (21), "Hintertreppe" (21), "Erdgeist" (23), "Die Strasse" (23), "Der letzte Mann" (24), "Herr Tartüff" (25), "Berlin: Sinfonie der Grossstadt" (27) and "Fräulein Else" (29).

The name Carl Mayer became also a big name, beside "Caligari" also for his movie "Der letzte Mann". When the director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau went to the USA with the script of Carl Mayer to "Sunrise" (27) in his pocket, the movie became a big hit in the USA as well and Carl Mayer's popularity increased again.

Carl Mayer wrote his last screenplays for the German film at the beginning of the 30s for "Stürme über dem Mont Blanc" (30), "Der Mann, der den Mord beging" (31), "Das blaue Licht" (32) and "Der träumende Mund" (32).

Afterwards he left Germany and went to France where he wrote the script for "Mélo" (32). Three years later he moved to England where his last screenplays came into being with "As You Like It" (36), "Dreaming Lips" (37) and "The Fourth Estate" (40).

Other movies from Carl Mayer:
Der Dummkopf (21) Verlogene Moral (21) Scherben (21) Grausige Nächte (21) Vanina oder Die Galgenhochzeit (22) Der Puppenmacher von Kiang-Ning (23) Sylvester (24) 4 Devils (28) Ariane (31)