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Meinhart Maur

1884 - 1964

The actor Meinhart Maur made first acting experiences at the Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf where he was active from 1906. In the next years he got engagements in cities like Koblenz, Mannheim and Berlin.

He entered the film business in Berlin in 1919 and in his first year in the film business he already took part in more than a dozen movies.
To these works belong "Kinder der Liebe" (19), "Die Tragödie der Manja Orsan" (19), "Das Geheimnis des Irren" (19), "Harakiri" (19) and "Die Nackten" (19).

In the 20s he only appeared seldom in movies with the exception of the year 1920 and he concentrated again to the theater.
He acted among others in the productions "Die Spinnen, 2. Teil: Das Brillantenschiff" (20), "Schneider Wibbel" (20), "Va banque" (20), "Die Todeskarawane" (20) as Karl May's Hadschi Halef Omar - a role he impersonated in totel of three movies, "Sybil Morgan" (20), "Der letzte Zeuge" (21), "Die Stimme des Herzens" (24) and "Regine, die Tragödie einer Frau" (27).

In the early talkies he only took part in one more German production with "Die Koffer des Herrn O.F." (31).

Wit the rise of the National Socialism Meinhart Maur had to leave Germany and he went to England. There he was able to continue his filmcareer and he impersonated numerous support roles in movies like "Rembrandt" (36), "Doctor Syn" (37), "The Last Barricade" (38), "Return of the Frog" (38), "Three Silent Men" (40), "Jeannie" (41), "Candlelight in Algeria" (44), "Dick Barton at Bay "(50), "Decameron Nights" (53), the serial "Stand by to Shoot" (53), "Malaga" (54) and an episode of the serial "Sailor of Fortune: The King's Four Wives" (58).

Besides his activity as an actor he was also busy for the broadcast since 1923.

Meinhart Maur was married with the actress Annie Arden.

Other movies with Meinhart Maur:
Der Kampf um die Ehe (19) Flimmersterne (19) Die beiden Gatten der Frau Ruth (19) Der heulende Wolf (19) Moderne Töchter (19) Das Teehaus zu den zehn Lotosblumen(19) Die Toten kehren wieder – Enoch Arden (19) Die Dame im Pelz (19) Zügelloses Blut (20) Die silberne Fessel (20) Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses (20) Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe (20) Berlin W. (20) Niemand weiss es (20) Die Teufelsanbeter (20) Dämmernde Nächte (20) Second Bureau (36) O-Kay for Sound (37) Who Goes Next? (38) 21 Days (40) An Englishman's Home (40) Pack Up Your Troubles (40) Band Waggon (40) We'll Smile Again (42) It's Not Cricket (49) The Huggetts Abroad (49) The Wooden Horse (50) The Tales of Hoffmann (51) Never Let Me Go (53) Serie "The Grove Family: Midsummer Madness" (54) Serie "Fabian of the Yard: Robbery in the Museum" (55)