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Mona Maris

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1903 - 1991

The actress Mona Maris was born as Rosa Emma Mona Mara Marta Capdevielle in Buenos Aires.

She began her film career in England with "The Apache" (25) and "The Little People" (26) before she went to Germany where she played in the movies "Der Frst von Pappenheim" (27), "Die Leibeigenen" (28), "Rutschbahn" (28), "Marquis d'Eon, der Spion der Pompadour" (28) and "Die drei Frauen von Urban Hell" (28).

In 1929 she went to the USA where she was able to build a new career in the sound film era. Her first movie in the USA was "Romance of the Rio Grande" (29) - still shot silent, it followed "Under a Texas Moon" (30), "The Arizona Kid" (31), "One Mad Kiss" (30) and "A Devil with Women" (30).

After that followed a whole string of Spanish spoken US productions like "Del mismo barro" (30), "El caballero de la noche" (42), "Cuesta abajo" (34), "Tres Amores" (34) and "Asegure a su mujer" (35).

From 1940 she was also more often engaged for English spoken movies. She played at the side of stars like Constance Bennett, George Sanders, Rita Hayworth, Victor Mature, Jeanette MacDonald, Edward G. Robinson and Ginger Rogers. 
To her movies of this time belong "Flight from Destiny" (40), "Underground" (41), "I Married an Angel" (42), "Berlin Correspondent" (42), "Pacific Rendezvous" (42) and "The Desert Hawk" (44).

After her return to Argentina she only appeared in two movies - "La mujer de las camelias" (54) and "Camila" (84) in a small part as La Perichona.

Mona Maris was married with the director Clarence Brown (1890-1987).

Other movies with Mona Maris:
El precio de un beso (30) Seas Beneath (31) Cuando el amor rie (31) South of the Rio Grande (32) The Man Called Back (32) Once in a Lifetime (32) The Passionate Plumber (32) Le plombier amoureux (32) Secrets (33) Una viuda romantica (33) No dejes la puerta abierta (33) Yo, tu y ella (33) White Heat (34) Kiss and Make Up (34) Un capitan de Cosacos (34) Melodia prohibida (34) El cantante de Napoles (35) Law of the Tropics (41) A Date with the Falcon (41) My Gal Sal (42) Tampico (44) The Falcon in Mexico (44) Heartbeat (46) The Avengers (50)