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Jenny Marba

1869 - 1942

The actress Jenny Marba was born as Jenny Abramsohn in Wilna.

She began her career at the theater where she was engaged for many plays. To her places of activity belonged Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg and especially Berlin.
She was not only active on stage but also active beside it. Among others she belonged to the co-founders of the Woman Committee of the "Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen-Angehöriger".
She remained true to the theater till to the 30 before the political circumstances ended her career.

She entered the film business in 1914 with "Seine Hoheit, der Erbprinz" (14) and in the next years followed the silent movies "Der Sumpf" (16), "Othello" (18), "Gänseliesel" (18), "Der Kampf um die Ehe" (19) and "Homo sum" (19).

Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being. She impersonated support roles in the productions "Maria Magdalene" (20), "Marionetten des Teufels" (20), "Christian Wahnschaffe, 2. Teil - Die Flucht aus dem goldenen Kerker" (21), "Die Flamme" (23), "Im Namen des Kaisers" (25), "Der schwarze Pierrot" (26), "Der Herr des Todes" (26), "Die Waise von Lowood" (26) and "Der gefesselte Piccolo" (28).

With the rise of the National Socialists she was no longer able to work. Because of her age she went to a rest home later but in 1942 they came for her and she was deported to the ghetto Theresienstadt. Less than three months later she died in Theresienstadt in November 1942.

Jenny Marba was married with the actor Albert Borée.

Other movies with Jenny Marba:
Ein kluges Herz (16) Die Seele des Kindes (18) Die Tochter des Senators (18) Durchlaucht Hypochonder (18) Liebe und Leben (18) Liebesopfer (18) Baronesschen auf Strafurlaub (18) Der Ehestifter (19) Gräfin Vera (20) Gentlemen-Gauner (20) Der Kammersänger (20) Der Liebeskorridor (21) Sturmflut des Lebens (21) Tingeltangel (22) Dr. Gyllenborgs doppeltes Gesicht (22) Auf gefährlichen Spuren (24) Die Stimme des Herzens (24) Rosen aus dem Süden (26) Wien – Berlin (26) Die drei Mannequins (26) Die grosse Pause (27)