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Ferdinand Marian

Foto: Hanns Holdt (1887 - 1944)

1902 - 1946

The actor Ferdinand Marian counts to the most tragically figures of the German film. Pressured into parts which had to satisfy the political circumstances, he was frowned upon after World War II.

His parents had a bent for music, his father was a bass player and his mother a singer. At the beginning Ferdinand Marian worked through his father as an extra for the "Stadttheater Graz" before he had his way to an actor. It followed engagements at the "Deutsches Theater" in Berlin. 

Already his first movies counted to money-spinners. At Pola Negri's side in "Madame Bovary" (37) and at Zarah Leander's side in "La Habanera" (37) his parts were early pinned down to villains - a cliché which determinded his further destiny.

For the time being Marian acted nasty but elegant villains and ladykillers. But since 1940 he was employed repeatedly for propaganda films - because of his film reputation especially as those detestable fellows which were a thorn in the Nazi's side (Englishmen, Jews). 

With the film "Jud Süss" (40) he sealed his later destiny. In this film he constituted a smutty Jew, the film itself was drafted as a baiting of the Jewish nation. First Marian refused to play this part. Goebbels wrote into his diary: "Talked with Marian about the Jud-Süss material. He hesitate to play the Jew. But I make him to play the part emphatically."

After three successive propaganda movies Marian took part again in non-political films, expecially "Romanze in Moll" (43) and "Münchhausen" (43) were very popular.

Ferdinand Marian was caught up with his past after the war. The film "Jud Süss" was classified by the Allies as one of the most warnings of propagandist movies. Consequently Ferdinand Marian got a ban on pursuing his career.
When he died because of a car accident on 7th August 1946, it was rumored that Ferdinand Marian committed suicide.

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