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Hanna Maron

1923 - 2014

The actress Hanna Maron was born as Hanna Meierzak in Berlin.
She already appeared on stage at the age of four years and in 1929 she also joined the film business where she took part in the silent movies "Ehe in Not" (29) and "Meineid" (29).

As a child actress she impersonated again roles at the beginning of the 30s and she appeared in movies like "Gigolo" (30), "Nachtkolonne" (31), Fritz Lang's classic "M" (31), "Das schöne Abenteuer" (33) and "Heut' kommt's drauf an" (33).

Beside it she also worked for the radio and continued to play on stage.

With the rise of the National Socialist the Jewish family of Hanna Maron had no future in Germany and they emigrated via Paris to Palestine.

During World War II Hanna Maron served for the Jewish brigade of the British Army. She did not work as an actress at that time.

She only continued her artistic career after the war and she became a popular stage actress in Israel.
She also acted again in some movies like "Even Al Kol Meel" (54), "Doda Clara" (77), "Ha-Ayit" (81), "Kvish L'Lo Motzah" (82), the serial "Krovim Krovim" (82), "Z'man Emet" (91) and "Yom Yom" (98).

She became a victim in 1970 by a terrorist attack at the airport in Munich. She left her left foot by a grenade. But she kept her tail up and already appeared on stage again one year later.

Hanna Maron remained active as an actress till to the old age and with over 80 she played in the serial "Ha-Shir Shelanu" (04), "Krovim Krovim: The Reunion" (05) and "Sof Shavua be-Galil" (07).

Private she campaigned for peace. She was also a co-founder of the Herzlia theater.