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Grete Lundt

Foto: Wilhelm Willinger (1879-1943)

1892 - 1926

The actress Grete Lundt first worked as an office worker but already took singing and dancing lessons beside it and finally she even got acting lessons by the famous actress Gertrud Arnold (among others Die Nibelungen 1924).

She made her film debut in 1914 and she impersonated numerous roles in the next years in movies like "Der Meineidbauer" (15), "Der Schmuck der Herzogin" (17), "Die Macht des Anderen" (18), "Das Auge des Buddha" (19), "Die schwarze Fahne" (19), "Der Diamant des Todes" (19) and "Inferno" (19).

But her much demanding film career came to a halt from 1920 and she appeared more often on stages, among others at the cabaret "Die Rampe" of Rosa Valetti.
To her few movies of those years belong "Frauen..." (20), "Miss Rockefeller filmt" (22) and "Nju - eine unverstandene Frau" (24).

When her engagement diminished furthermore she fled to the then fashionable drug morphine. In a moment of an emotional depression she committed suicide on New Year's Eve 1926 by an overdose of morphine.

Other movies with Grete Lundt:
Die Tragödie auf Schloss Rottersheim (16) Peter Karvan (18) Frauenehre (18) Das missglückte Rendezvous (18) Das kommt davon (19) Petis Geige (19) Der schönheitspreis (19) Ohne Zeugen (19) Homo immanis (19) Der verarmte Edelmann (20) Der gelbe Diplomat (20)