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Felix Lützkendorf

1906 - 1990

The screenwriter and author Felix Lützkendorf finished a study for history, German philology and philosophy. Afterwards he worked as an editor for the Neue Leipziger Zeitung and for the Berliner Nachtausgabe.
In parallel he was also active as a coach for sport.

He made his first writing experiences in the acting environment at the theater. There he wrote first plays and he also put several radio plays down on paper.
The experience he gained there allowed him to enter the film business as a screenwriter in 1937.

Till the end of World War II Felix Lützkendorf wrote he screenplays for the movies "Patrioten" (37), "Urlaub auf Ehrenwort" (38), "Capriccio" (38), "Verwehte Spuren" (38), "Legion Condor" (39), "Zwei Welten" (40), "Bal paré" (40), "Stukas" (42) and "Liebesbriefe" (44).
During World War II he also worked as a war correspondent.

After the war he was not able to continue his writing career for the time being because of his activity and member of the NSDAP. Only in 1950 he realised again new novels and plays.
Felix Lützkendorf was also able to continue his film career from 1952 and he wrote the screenplays for "Fritz und Friderike" (52), "Salto Mortale" (53), "Sauerbruch - Das war mein Leben" (54), "Die Barrings" (55), "Urlaub auf Ehrenwort" (55), "Das Mädchen Marion" (56), "Anders als du und ich" (57) and "Madeleine Tel. 13 62 11" (58).

His last cinematical works came in the 60s into being with "Ich kann nicht länger schweigen" (62), "Der Teppich des Grauens" (62) and "Liebling - ich muss Dich erschiessen" (62).

Other movies from Felix Lützkendorf:
Die Hochzeitsreise (39) Kadetten (39) Der ewige Quell (40) Wunschkonzert (40) Über alles in der Welt (41) G.P.U. (42) Haus des Lebens (52) Fanfaren der Ehe (53) Konsul Strotthoff (54) Feuerwerk (54) Mannequins für Rio (54) Ball der Natoinen (54) Liebe ist ja nur ein Märchen (55) San Salvatore (56) Made in Germany (57) Das grosse Wunschkonzert (60)