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Mark Lothar

Mark Lothar

1902 - 1985

The composer Mark Lothar was born as Lothar Hundertmark in Berlin.
After a study in Berlin and Munich he was appointed to the German Theater by Max Reinhardt, one year later he switched to the Prussian Sttatstheater Berlin by Gustaf Gründgens where he became an influential musical conductor.

He already had his first huge success in 28 with his opera "Tyll". It followed ohter operas like "Münchhausen" (33), "Schneider Wibbel" (38) and his last important work "Momo und die Zeitdiebe" (78).

Beside his activity for the stage Mark Lothar also was engaged for composing film music. Already in 21 he was mentioned in a movie for the first time called "Teufel und Circe", from 39 followed other film compositions for "Der Schritt vom Wege" (39), "Friedemann Bach" (41) and "Nora" (44).

He continued his career as a film composer after the war with "Nachtwache" (48) und "Verspieltes Leben" (49).

In the 50s followed the height of his career as a filmcomposer. Mark Lothar wrote the music to well-known productions like "Dr. Holl" (51), "Das letzte Rezept" (52), "Die grosse Versuchung" (52), "Sauerbruch - Das war mein Leben" (54), "Das Mädchen Marion" (56), "Teufel in Seide" (56), "Die Letzten werden die Ersten sein" (57) and "Auferstehung" (58).

In the next decade followed only few more compositions for movies, exclusively for the TV. To these movies belong "Faust" (60) and "Alle Reichtümer der Welt" (67).

Other movies from Mark Lothar:
Tragödie einer Leidenschaft (49) Du bist nicht allein (49) Föhn (50) Martin Luther (53) Königliche Hoheit (53) Unsere kleine Stadt (54) Geliebte Feindin (55) Regine (56) Zärtliches Geheimnis (56) Preis der Nationen (56) Made in Germany - Ein Leben für Zeiss (57) ...und führe uns nicht in Versuchung (57) Don Gil von den grünen Hosen (64) Ist er gut? Ist er böse? (67)