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Mary Losseff

Foto: Yva (1900-1944)

1907 - 1972

The singer and actress Mary Losseff had her most important triumphes as a singer, to these successes belong her duets with tenor Richard Tauber, among others "Sagen dir nicht meine Augen" and "Singt mir ein Liebeslied" from the operetta "Der singende Traum".

She grew up in protected circumstances but with the October revolution her family had to flee to Japan, two years they went to Berlin.

Although she bore an illegitimate son she followed resolute her goal to stay on stage. She took lesson by Bertha Niklal-Kempner and sent her son to a boarding school.

She had her first success with a Nelson revue in 1929. There she was spotted by Richard Tauber and they fell in love.
In the next years Mary Losseff took part in several big stage productions like "Viktoria und ihr Husar" , "Die Dubarry", "Paganini" and "Gräfin Mariza".

Because of her huge popularity as a singer she also came in contact with the film business. Together with Richard Tauber she appeared in the early talky "Das Land des Lächelns" (30), where she impersonated the role of Liesa.
It followed "Liebeskommando" and "Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten" (35) under the direction of Kurt Gerron.

When Richard Tauber had to left Germany because of his Jewish roots she followed him to Vienna and afterwards to London. There came her last movie into being with "The Sky's the Limit" (38) in the role of Mme. Isobella.
But she wasn't able to go on from her earlies success and she drank more often alcohol.

Her career died away unnoticed and she retired from the public life.