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Ludwig Manfred Lommel

1891 - 1962

The comedian Ludwig Manfred Lommel should follow in his father's footsteps as a drapery producer but he was more interested into the world of the theater. Against the will of his parental home he took acting lessons but the outbreak of World War I interrupted his artistic ambition.

After the war he worked as a solo artist, it followed appearances at the radio and he soon became successful with his vocal parodies. Beside it he also imitated everyday sounds with his voice for his radio plays.

Finally he became darling of the public and he published numerous records and from 1931 he also acted in front of the camera.
Besides short movies like "Ludwig Manfred Lommel" (32), "Gast im eigenen Heim" (37), "Gute Reise, Herr Meier" (38) and "Dienst am Kunden" (40) he also impersonated some roles in feature movies.
To these productions belong "Kasernenzauber" (31) directed by Carl Boese playing the role of constable Sturm with Igo Sym, Fritz Schulz, Lucie Englisch, Oskar Sima and Fritz Spira, as Paul Neugebauer "Paul und Pauline" (36) with Paul Henckels, Trude Hesterberg, Erika Helmke, Kurt Vespermann, Hubert von Meyerinck and Paul Westermeier und as insurance salesman Hobbel in "Hahn im Korb" (38) at the side of Gisela von Collande, Susi Lanner, Georg Alexander, Olga Limburg, Ernst Waldow, Aribert Wäscher and Walter Steinbeck.

He continued his career after World War II and was still active as a comedian. He also acted again in few more movies like "Knallbonbons" (53) and "Die Christel von der Post" (56) directed by Karl Anton with Gardy Granass, Hardy Krüger, Claus Biederstaedt, Paul Hörbiger, Hannelore Bollmann and Gunther Philipp.
Beside it he campainged for the expellees.

Ludwig Manfred Lommel had five children whereof Ruth Lommel and Ulli Lommel became actors as well. His son Manuel Lommel became a cinematographer.
His son Werner Lommel was executed by the National Socialists in 1944 because he belonged to the supporters of Colonel von Stauffenberg. The failed assassination against Hitler cost the life of about 200 persons from von Stauffenbergs environment.

Other movies with Ludwig Manfred Lommel (Actor):
Kasernenzauber (31) Ludwid Manfred Lommel (32) Paul und Pauine (36) Hilde und die vier PS (36) Hahn im Korb (37) Gast im eigenen Heim (37) Klimbusch macht Wochenende (38) Gute Reise, Herr Meier (38) Blechmusik (38) Eine Tat mit Vorbedacht (38) Der Herr im Hause (39) Dienst am Kunden (40) Knallbonbons (53) Die Christel von der Post (56)

Ludwig Manfred Lommel (32)