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Sigurd Lohde

1899 - 1977

The actor Sigurd Lohde got an education as actor and director, afterwards he began he career as a stage actor in 1919 in Berlin.

In the next years followed engagements at other German theaters, e.g. in Frankfurt and Breslau, before he returned to Berlin again where he remained at the Volksbühne till 1932. There he took part in many plays togehter with many great stars of that time, to his plays belong "Die Affäre Dreyfuss" (29), "Liliom" (31) and "Der Gefangene" (32). 

He gained a foothold at the film business in 1931, his first appearance in front of the camera was for Fritz Langs classic "M" (31), in which he impersonated a small role. 

He often performed authorities in the next years and he took part in the productions "Der Sprung ins Nichts" (32), "Tannenberg" (32), "Theodor Körner" (32) and "Moral und Liebe" (33). 

As a Jew he did not get any more engagements in Germany after 1933 and he first went to Austria and Hungary where he continued his stage and film career successfully. 
To his movies of those years belong "Peter/Das Mädchen von der Tankstelle" (34), "Tagebuch der Geliebten" (35) and "Katharina" (36). 

With the accession of Austria to Germany this work field became eliminated as well. 

Sigurd Lohde emigrated to England where he could only appear in a few movies like "Night Train to Munich" (39) and "Neutral Port" (40). Besides he worked at the Deutsches Theater in London.
In England he adopted the stage name Sydney Loder. But this refuge turned out to be deceptive. In 1940 Sigurd Lohde was deported to Australia with 2000 Jews and political refugees on the "Dunera". The crossing took place under the most adverse conditions and lasted 57 days. In Australia, the transferees were held captive behind barbed wire. It was not until 1942 that Sigurd Lohde was released and he had to join an army work unit consisting exclusively of former internees in order to be allowed to stay in Australia at all. After the end of the war he could leave the army and he continued his artistic career in Australia, among others at the Palace Theatre and the Theatre Royal. In Australia he also acted in the film "Eureka Stockage" (49).

Sigurd Lohde only returned to Germany in 1955 and he made his comeback at the Renaissance Theater in Berlin.

He also was able to gain a foothold again in the film business and he impersonated roles in "Das Bad auf der Tenne" (56), "...wie einst Lili Marleen" (56), "Madeleine und der Legionär" (58), "Das verbotene Paradies" (58), "Und das am Montagmorgen" (59), "Mann ohne Namen" (59), "Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse" (63) and "Die Gentlemen bitten zur Kasse" (66). 

His last cinematical work was for an episode of the serial "Tatort: Taxi nach Leipzig" (70). 

Other movies with Sigurd Lohde:
Der Draufgänger (31) Frau Lehmanns Töchter (32) Mieter Schulze gegen alle (32) Der grosse Bluff (33) Kleine Mutti (35) Bubi/Der kleine Kavalier (37) Geliebte Corinna (56) Jede Nacht in einem anderen Bett (57) Die grosse Chance (57) Viel Lärm um nichts (58) Wie es euch gefällt (58) Ein Sommernachtstraum (58) Menschen im Hotel (59) Ich rufe Dresden (60) Question 7 (61) Das Paradies von Pont L'Eveque (62) Parlez-vous français? (62) Das Kaffeehaus (64) Der Fall X701 (64) Der Reichtagsbrandprozess (67)