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Hans Löhr

Lichtbild aus "Emil und die Detektive" 1931

1922 - 1942

The actor Hans Löhr, whose father already left the family in 1925, was an enthusiastic reader of the author Erich Kästner. When he wrote the author a detailed letter about the book "Emil und die Detektive" it developed an exchange of letters between both.

Finally this originated in a friendship and Erich Kästner even visited Hans Löhr and his mother personally at home.
When the book "Emil und die Detektive" was adapted for the stage for the first time Hans Löhr got the role of the little Dienstag. In the next year followed the filming of the book "Emil und die Detektive" (31) he he played again the same character.

This was Hans Löhr's only appearance in front of the camera, later followed few stage appearances like "Ein Volksfeind" in 1937.

During World War II Hans Löhr was conscripted to the army as well. He was killed in action at the east front in 1942. A similar fate had two other child actors of "Emil und die Detektive" - Rolf Wenkhaus (Emil) and Hans-Joachim Schaufuss (Gustav) both were killed in action too during World War II.

The amicable contact between his mother and Erich Kästner remained also after the death of Hans Löhr.
The extraordinary friendship betwwen Hans Löhr and Erich Kästner was filmed in 2016 called "Kästner und der kleine Dienstag" (16).