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Albert Lippert

Foto: Hans Holdt (1887-1944)

1901 - 1978

The actor Albert Lippert was a stage actor, director and manager primarily. Beside it he also impersonated roles in movies time and again. 

Albert Lippert already made first acting experiences as a child at the Oldenburg Staatstheater. He liked this work so much that he got acting lessons later and found his fulfilling job at the theater. 

As an adult he appeared at different theaters in Nuremberg, Stettin and Graz and finally at the Bavarian Staatsschauttheater where he was active from 1927 to 1944. 
There he became a Bavarian Kammerschauspieler and later a Bavarian Staatsschauspieler.

As manager of the Oldenburg Staatstheater he returned to his roots in 1946, from 1948 he became the manager of the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. 

Later engagements led him to Bremen, Frankfurt and Coburg.

He joined the film business in 1927 and played an officer in the movie "Kreuzer Emden" (27).

It followed a longer interruption before he entered the film business again in 1936 where he normally impersonated support roles. 
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Schlussakkord" (36), "Alarm auf Station III" (39), as James Rothschild in "Die Rothschilds" (40), "G.P.U." (42), "Dr. Crippen an Bord" (42), "Tonelli" (43) and "Orient-Express" (44).

After World War II he dedicated to the theater again exclusively, only from 1962 he appeared in front of the camera again, this time for TV productions. 
To these works belong "Kümmert euch nicht um Sokrates" (62), the serial "Der seidene Schuh" (65) and the serial "Percy Stuart" (69).

Albert Lippert directed the movie "Die See ruft" (42) and in 1954 followed his second direction for the TV film "Bergkristall" (54).

Other movies with Albert Lippert:
Preussische Liebesgeschichte (38) Der Polizeifunk meldet (39) Befreite Hände (39) Das Fräulein von Barnhelm (40) Zwielicht (41) Alarmstufe V (41) Germanin (43)