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Paul Lindau

Foto: Christian Wilhelm Allers (1857-1915)

1839 - 1919


The writer and screen writer Paul Lindau went to Paris where he studied philosophy and history of literature. There he met the writers Sardou, Augier and Alexandre Dumas fils. He later translated books for these writers into German.

When he returned to Germany he managed several newspapers before he founded his own weekly paper called "Die Gegenwart" in 1871 which was published till 1881. In 1878 followed a second publications called "Nord und Süd" which was published till 1904.

But the world of the theater also fascinated Paul Lindau and in 1895 he became the director of the Hoftheater Meiningen. Eight years later he also became the director of the Berliner Theater.
In this time he wrote many plays for the stage and was - in contrast to many other established artists in those days - enthusiastic about the new medium film.

His first filmed script was "Vater und Sohn" (10), it followed the movies "Der letzte Tag" (13) directed by Max Mack, "Die Landstrasse" (13) with Paul Bildt and especially "Der Andere" (13) with Albert Bassermann which went into history as the first movie with artistic demand.
He wrote his last script for the movie "Die Tragödie auf Schloss Rottersheim" (16) directed by Jacob and Luise Fleck.

Later followed other fil adaptions based on books by Paul Lindau.

Besides this activity Paul Lindau was also successful as a novelist.

Other movies from Paul Lindau (filmes books):
Die Landstreicher (16) Der Rubin-Salamander (18) Die blaue Laterne (18) Der Weg der Grete Lessen (19) Grevindens aere (19) Der Andere (30) Liebeskleeblatt (30)