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Lissy Lind-Krüger

Foto: Nicola Perscheid (1864-1930)

1884 - 1936

The actress Lissy Lind, who also used her name Lissy Krüger (the name of her adoptive father), was born as Margarethe Elisabeth Flach in Dresden.
She launched her acting career in 1908 at the theater in Gera. In the next years followed numerous other appearances for different theaters in Germany before she came to Berlin in 1911. 

Ahe already made her film debut in 1912 with the movie "Die Hohe Schule" (12) and at that time she created her pseudonym Lissy Lind. 
In the next years she acted in front of the camera time and again, among them are the movies "Der Schatten des Meeres" (12), "Narren der Liebe" (13), "Der Schmuck der Herzogin" (16) and "Zwischen Nacht und Morgen" (19).

In the 20s she both appeared on stage and in movies and she impersonated impressive roles in the silent movies "Das schleichende Gift" (20), "Die Frau in den Wolken" (20), "Betrogene Betrüger" (21), "Die schwarze Spinne" (21), "Esterella" (23) and "Die Mühle von Sanssouci" (26).

From the 30s she concentrated again to the theater but in 1933 her acting career came to an end abruptly. Because her husband, the director Siegfried Philippi, who also directed some of her movies, was a Jew Lissy Lind was confronted with a very complicated work environment as well and hardly got any new engagements. 

Lissy Lind-Krüger died at the age of 51 in 1936 whereas suicide is not obviated.

Other movies with Lissy Lind-Krüger:
Der Theaterbrand (13) Zurückerobert (13) Statistinnen des Lebens (13) Ein seltsames Gemälde (14) Das Abenteuer einer Sängerin (16) Tänzer in den Tod (19) Sinnesrausch (20) Unselige Liebe – seliges Land (20) Im Banne der Suggestion – Der Chiromant (20) Mord…die Tragödie des Hauses Garrick (20) Der Herr aus dem Zuchthaus (21) Gobseck (23)