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Paul Lincke

1866 - 1946

Paul Lincke belonged at the beginning of the 20th century to the most popular composers and he got the nickname "Father of the operetta".

After an education at the Wittenberger Stadtkapelle, where he learnt to play several instruments, he began his professional career as a bandmaster at the theater.

His passion for entertainment music grew during his time at the theater and in 1897 he wrote the one-act play "Venus auf Erden". With this piece he heralded the Berliner Operetta.

Afterwards he went to Paris where he was very successful at the Folies Bergère for the next two years. After his return to Germany his operatta "Frau Luna" was released in 1899 for the first time and became his greatest triumph. 
Other musical works came into being with "Im Reich des Indra" (1899) and "Lysistrata" (02).

In 1908 Paul Lincke became the composer and bandmaster of the Metropol theater and achieved many successes in the next years which increased his popularity. 

To his other works belong "Casanova" (13) and "Ein Liebestraum" (40), to his well-known songs belong "Glühwürmchen" from Lysistrata and "Berliner Luft" from Frau Luna.

The film business too used the music of Paul Lincke.
Already in 1908 sounded his music for "Donnerwetter, tadellos" (08). Later followed movies like "Das alte Ballhaus" (25), "Paul und Pauline" (36), "Ein Mädel vom Ballett" (37) and "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38). With the filming of his operetta "Frau Luna" (41) followed the cinematical hight of his career.

In the movies "Das alte Ballhaus" (25) and "Frau Luna" (41) Paul Lincke also appeared in front of the camera. 

Paul Lincke had a guardian angel during World War 2. When the bombs were falling on Berling and destroyed his apartment and publishing house he was busy as a conductor in Marienbad. 

Paul Lincke was married with the actress Anna Müller-Lincke. He had a long standing affair with the actress Ellen Sousa and had a son with her but they never got married because Ellen Sousa refused. In 1941 Paul Lincke became an honorary citizen of Berlin. 

Other movies from Paul Lincke:
Hallo! Die grosse Revue: Der Schönheitsabend (09) Muratti (34)