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Zarah Leander

1907 - 1981

The actress Zarah Leander was born as Zarah Stina Hedberg in Karlstadt, Sweden.
She began her career in her home country Sweden where she appeared in revues and operettas. Besides she toured through Scandinavia.

Her first movies came also in Sweden into being - "Dantes mysterier" (31), "Falska millionären - Der falsche Millionär" (31) - but only with the German production "Premiere" (37) she managed her great breakthrough.

Zarah Leander became one of the greatest stars of the German film in the next years and she aroused enthusiasm with her cool kind of acting and especially with her fascinating and deep voice, which she used very successful for songs specific composed for her.
From now on there were no longer movie in which Zarah Leander took part but each of her movies became Zarah-Leander movies in which she impersonated the femme fatale, surrounded with a certain sadness.

To her greatest movies till the end of war belong "Zu neuen Ufern" (37), "La Habanera" (37), "Der Blaufuchs" (38), "Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht" (39), "Der Weg ins Freie" (41) and "Damals" (43). With the actor Willy Birgel she found an ideal manly partner.

Zarah Leander left the now more difficult surrounding in Germany in 1943 and returned to Sweden. But there she was meet with hostility as a Nazi sympathizer so she had difficulties to find work.

After the war she came back to Germany but she was imposed with a working prohibition too, only in 1948 she was able to gain a foothold as a singer again. But she wasn't able to go on in the post-war Germany from her earlier successes. She only took part in few movies like "Ava Maria" (53), "Bei Dir war es immer so schön" (54) and "Das Blaue vom Himmel" (64), beside it she also appeared in operettas and musicals.

Other movies with Zarah Leander:
Äktenskapsleken - Skandal (35) Heimat (38) Das Lied der Wüste (39) Das Herz der Köngin (40) Die grosse Liebe (42) Gabriela (50) Cuba Cabana (52) Jazzgossen (58) Der blaue Nachtfalter (59) Das gewisse Etwas der Frauen (66) Ein Walzer zu zweien (75)