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Heinrich Lautensack

1881 - 1919

The author and screenwriter Heinrich Lautensack first studied mathematic to become a geometrician. But he ended his study untimely and he dedicated to the cabaret "Die elf Scharfrichter" where he soon wrote his first own plays. To his promoters belonged also Frank Wedekind.

Later he worked as an author and he published several works in magazines. Moreover he also translated stage plays into German.
To his own works for the stage belong "Medusa" (04), "Hahnenkampf" (08), "Pfarrhauskomödie" (11), "Das Gelübde" (16) and "Samländische Ode" (18).

He joined the film business in 1912 where he wrote the screenplays for several movies.
To these productions belong "Die Macht der Jugend" (12), "Der Mann in der Flasche" (12), "Zweimal gelebt" (12), "Das ist der Krieg" (13), "Zwischen Himmel und Erde" (13) and "Entsagungen" (13).

His last screenplays came in the second half of the 10s into being for "Mutter und Kind" (16), "Die Stricknadeln" (16), "Der verkaufte Schlaf" (16), "Unheilbar" (17) and "Gräfin Vera" (20).

His artistic career was interrupted by World War I for a brief time when he was used as a telegraphist.

When his great pattern Frank Wedekind died in 1918 Heinrich Lautensack suffered a mental breakdown on his burial. He filmed the funeral fiercely and screaming. Subsequently he was delivered to the insane asylum Eberswalde. He did not recover from the breaksdown and died only one year later at this asylum.

Heinrich Lautensack was married with the actress Dora Harnisch alias Dora Stratton and with the singer Betty Eisner.