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Maria Landrock

1923 - 1992

The actress Maria Landrock had her most successful time in cinema when Germany was in war with the rest of the world.

After the attendance of the national acting school in Berlin she acted at different stages. She already made her film debut in 1939 with "Pedro soll hängen" (41), a production which dragged on from 1939 to 1941.
She was convincing in her first role and she got the chance to impersonate the leading role in her next movie called "Aus erster Ehe" (40). 
Till the end of war followed other movies like "Aufruhr im Damenstift" (41) and "Altes Herz wird wieder jung" (43).

She only appeared seldom in front of the camera after the war. Besides a tiny role in "Decision Before Dawn - Entscheidung vor Morgengrauen" (51) she acted in "Liebe - wie die Frau sie wünscht" (57) and in the TV serial "Der Kommissar: Tod eines Schulmädchens" (72).

Besides her activity as an actress she also dubbed movies. She lent her voice among others to Gina Lollobrigida, Jane Darwell and Sophia Loren.
Her voice was also brought into action for the animated cartoon serial "Anne mit den roten Haaren".

Other movies with Maria Landrock:
Die keusche Geliebte (40) Ein glücklicher Mensch (43)