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Hans Land alias Hugo Landsberger

1861 - 1939

The author and screenwriter Hans Land, alias Hugo Landsberger, was born in Berlin.
After an aborted apprenticeship in the commercial field, he began to study history and literature in Leipzig and Berlin.

He published his first books under the pseudonym Hans Land.

He showed an early interest in the performing arts, and among his friends was the theater star Josef Kainz. In 1901 he married the theater actress Lola Rameau.

At first he wrote stage plays as well as novels, and from 1913 he worked in film as a screenwriter.
His early films as a screenwriter include "Storms" (13), "Royal Beggars" (17), "The Judge" (17), "Sin" (18) and "Young Goethe" (19).

In the 20's he wrote his last scripts for "Die Kleine vom Film" (22), "Die Affäre der Baronesse Orlowska" (23) and "Der Liebeskäfig" (25).

He also worked as an actor in front of the camera for few movies like "Schamlose Seelen oder Ein Mädchenhandel" (22), "Die Kleine vom Film" (22), "Das Mädchen aus dem goldenen Westen" (22) and "Mutter und Kind" (24).

Other movies from Hans Land (Screenwriter):
Das goldene  Friedelchen (16) Friedrich Werders Sendung (16) Die Richterin (18) Die singende Hand (18) Der Ring der drei Wünsche (18)

Stürme (13)

Filmed books:
Stürme (13) Arthur Imhoff (16) Das goldene Friedelchen (16) Friedrich Werders Sendung (16) Der Richter (17) Staatsanwalt Jordan (19) Das Mädchen mit dem Goldhelm (19) Stürme – Ein Mädchenschicksal (19) Alfred von Ingelheims Lebensdrama (21) Die Kleine vom Film (22) Das Mädchen aus dem goldenen Westen (22) Wenn das Herz der Jugend spricht (26) Staatsanwalt Jordan (26) Die Hochtstaplerin (27)