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Alfred Läutner

1879 - 1943

The actor Alfred Läutner joined the film business in 1916 where he appeared in "Das Bild der Geliebten" (16) with Bernhard Götzke, Maria Zelenka and Edgar Pauly.
Till 1919 followed the productions "Das Kaviarmäuschen" (19) directed by Gerhard Dammann with Josefine Dora, Dora Hrach, Else Reval and Georges Blanvalet, Fred Sauer's "Im Dienste der Liebe" (19) with Friedrich Zelnik, Hermann Vallentin, Werner Funck, Herbert Paulmüller, Maria Zelenka and Fritz Schulz, "Der neue Herr Generaldirektor" (19) at the side of Ferdinand Bonn, Käthe Haack, Hugo Flink, Hermannn Picha and Anna Müller-Lincke and "Der Puls des Jahrhunderts" (19) with Viktoria Werckmeister.
At the beginning of the 20s came his last silent movies into being with "Bar el Manach" (20) with Guido Herzfeld, Friedrich Berger, Clementine Plessner and Grete Reinwald, "Die Hafenlore" (21) with Maria Zelenka, Fred Immler, Sophie Pagay and Olaf Bach and finally "Elixiere des Teufels" (22) with Robert Leffler, Fritz Beckmann, John Gottowt and Maria Zelenka.
After a longer interruption Alfred Läutner also acted in two early silent movies, so as count Esterhazy in "Schuberts Frühlingstraum" (31) with Carl Jöken, Gretl Theimer, Willy Stettner, Lucie Englisch, Sig Arno, Oskar Sima, Gustl Gstettenbaur, Fritz Kampers, Paul Morgan and Max Hansen as well as "Gesangverein Sorgenfrei" (31) with Else Elster, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Else Reval, Julius Falkenstein, Paul Graetz, Hermann Picha and Fritz Genschow.