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Hilde Krüger

1912 - 1991

The actress Hilde Krüger was born as Katharina Mathilde Krüger in Cololgne. She was a busy actress in the 30's who often was engaged for support roles.

She began her film career with "Halb und Halb" (34), "Die Abschieds-Symphonie" (34), "Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig" (35), "Sie und die Drei" (35) and Stradivari" (35).

In the second part of the 30's followed her last cinematical appearances in Germany, to these productions belong "Inkognito" (36), "Frau kommt in die Tropen" (38), "Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen kann" (38) as well as "Drunter und drüber" (39).

Afterwards followed a perennial interruption and Hilde Krüger went to the USA but she did not get any film roles there. She got in touch with the high society and she knew the oil tycoon J. Paul Getty and the Budweiser heir Gert von Gontard.

Hilde Krüger was engaged as a spy by the German Abwehr at the end of 1940 and Hilde Krüger went to Mexico at the beginning of 1941. Her order was to get in touch with the inner circle of the new government. This task was no problem for her and she made the acquaintance of the state secretary Ramon Beteta and later she had a relationship with the Minister of the Interior Miguél Aleman Valdés (he became the president of Mexico in 1946). She also maintained contacts with the Foreign Minister Ezekiel Padilla and with General Juan Almazan.
She kept her camouflage by working again as an actress in front of the camera and she appeared in the movies "Casa de mueres" (42), "Adulterio" (45) and "El que murio de amor" (45).

When she momentary came to the crosshairs of the USA and many suspected spies were arrested, her personal connections helped her to avoid an arrest. With her marriage with Nacho de la Torre Formento in 1942– he was a grandson of the former president Porfirio Diaz – she averted the possible banishment from Mexico. She engrossed the mind into the Mexican life and she attended lessons at the UNAM for Mexican history.
Germany benefitted from the commercial relationship with Mexico and was able to import major resources to Germany.

Hilde Krüger's activity for the German Reich remained without consequences. She lived with her new husband Julio Lobo Olavarria – whom she married in 1956 - in Spain for a short-time.
As a movie actress she only appeared once again. She impersonated a small role in the Swiss production "Zum Goldenen Ochsen" (58). The movie was released in Germany under the title "Eine Rheinfahrt, die ist lustig" (58).

Hilde Krüger lived in the USA but died in her home country Germany when she was on a visit there.

Other movies with Hilde Krüger:
Frau Eva wird mondain! (34) Spiel mit dem Feuer (34) Peter, Paul und Nanette (35) Nur nicht weich werden, Susanne! (35) Lärm um Weidemann (35) Eine Braut in Eile gesucht (35) Das Hermännchen (36) Es leuchten die Sterne (38) Rheinische Brautfahrt (39) Bartolo toca la flauta (45)